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White Papers

The Whitepaper Series has recently been launched. It is our intention to regularly add to this information base with information related to Internet Exchange and messaging issues that Internet Exchange customers are dealing with.

Unless otherwise noted, all Whitepapers are in Adobe PDF format and a PDF viewer will be required. On such viewer, Adobe's Acrobat package is freely available.

Internet Technology Introduction Series

A Pedestrian's Guide To The DNS
The Domain Name System (DNS) serves as the primary directory for Internet host names, addresses, and mail routing in the Internet. This document is an introduction to the DNS and how the DNS is used to configure electronic mail routing. (dnspedguide.pdf: 50,519 bytes, 7 pages)

MIME - Technical Overview
The Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) standard is a set of specifications that allow message contents in different data formats to be transported via various transports, including electronic mail and HTTP. This document presents an introduction to the technical issues behind MIME and it's use in Internet Electronic Mail. (mimeovr.pdf: 73,281 bytes, 15 pages)

Internet Mail Access Protocol Version 4 (IMAP4) and Internet Electronic Mail
The Internet Mail Access Protocol Version 4 (IMAP4) defines a message store or post office access protocol which allows for the manipulation of remote message folders and messages residing on a back-end message server. (imap4.pdf: 86,418 bytes, 17 pages)

Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) and Internet Electronic Mail
The Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) is an "offline" protocol designed to provide the Internet community with a tool for connecting email clients to servers for the retrieval of new messages for a single server inbox. (pop3.pdf: 62,746 bytes, 10 pages)

Internet Exchange - Generic Papers

Configuring Lotus Domino R5 for use with Internet Exchange Gateway and Messaging Server Products
The Internet Exchange for Lotus Notes Gateway (Version 3.X) as well as the Lotus Notes Connector Module for the Internet Exchange Messaging Server (Version 4.X) products document the installation requirements for use with Lotus Domino R4. This document provides the installation and configuration instructions for use with Lotus Domino R5. (notes5config.pdf: 520,646 bytes)

Internet Exchange Macintosh File Handling
This document presents some tips on how to configure Internet Exchange to best handle the generation and reception of Macintosh file attachments in different environments. (HTML Version Only)

Internet Exchange - Messaging Server

Configuring The Internet Exchange Directory Server
This paper provides an overview on how the Internet Exchange Directory Server works, the naming style, and the schema used. It also explains in detail how to configure the Directory Server. (directory.pdf: 220,794 bytes)

Internet Exchange - Version 3.x

Anti-Spam Capabilities of Internet Exchange Version 3.1
This paper provides a general introduction to the issues related to undesired electronic solicitions, or spam. In addition it covers spam prevention techniques, and in particular how Internet Exchange Version 3.1 and beyond can be used and configured to minimize this threat. (antispam.pdf: 670,037 bytes, 12 pages)

Internet Exchange 3.1 Logfile Analyzer API
This document describes Version 1.0 of the Internet Exchange logfile analyzer API. This API allows third party access to the IMA Internet Exchange log files, by enabling them to extract meaningful information in order to create statistical information on the usage of Internet Exchange. Please note that this API is not compatible with older versions of Internet Exchange due to differences in the grammar of the logfiles. (Logapi.pdf: 69,220 bytes, 20 pages)

Internet Exchange Migration Strategy
Internet Exchange Version 3.0 and later contain extensive tools to assist network administrators that are in the process of migrating users either to or from cc:Mail and/or Lotus Notes. This paper shows how Internet Exchange can assist with the migration and/or co-existance process. (inexmigr.pdf: 383,526 bytes, 14 pages)

An Introduction to Japanese Language Encoding
The transmission of non-ASCII character sets presents a special challenge to electronic mail systems. The Japanese language can be represented by several different encoding standards, which make the conveyance of Japanese language information more complicated than it's European or ASCII counterparts.

This document provides an introduction to the technical issues behind the encoding of Japanese language data, and how it relates to Internet electronic mail. The solution provided by Internet Exchange is also discussed. (JLEIntro.pdf: 56,770 bytes, 11 pages)

Internet Exchange - Version 2.x

Automating the Startup of Internet Exchange 2.1x under Windows NT
This paper describes methods by which Internet Exchange 2.1X (or earlier versions) can be set up to start automatically when running in a Windows NT environment. Any Internet Exchange Version 3.X (or later) does not require such measures, because it is capable of running as a native Windows NT service; this document applies only to Versions 2.1X or earlier. (HTML Version Only)

Internet Exchange for cc:Mail - Dial-up Support Under Version 2.x
Internet Exchange Versions 2.X include support for Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking as a means for creating a dialup IP connection. This document describes how to setup Internet Exchange to work with Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking. Please note that this only applies to Internet Exchange 2.X as RAS support has been built into Internet Exchange Version 3. (HTML Version Only)

Internet Exchange for cc:Mail Versions 2.x - 16-bit VIM 6 and DB8 Support
This technical note is based upon observations that were made with the initial release of VIM Version 6 (Version 6.0 of the DLL's). The subsequent release of Version 6.02 of the VIM DLL's did not exhibit the same behavior. It is strongly recommended that if you are running VIM Version 6.0 that you upgrade to the latest version of these DLL's. (HTML Version Only)

An Introduction to Japanese Language Support Using Internet Exchange for cc:Mail: Version 2.x
From version 2.03beta3 onwards, Internet Exchange for cc:Mail includes Japanese language support. This paper summarises the changes that have been effected in successive releases, and describes the status at the stage of the final release of Version 2.11. (HTML Version Only)

Format of the IMA.INI File - Version 2.0/1
The file ima.ini is the Internet Exchange configuration file, and is used to store all gateway configuration information. This document describes all the options available in this initialization file. (HTML Version Only)