Purchasing Internet Exchange

Internet Exchange can be purchased either directly from our online product purchase or via one of our many resellers around the world. If you decide to purchase it from IMA directly, payment may be done via cheque, wire transfer, money orders or through credit card. If you decide to purchase the product, a purchase order must be received from your company; from that information we will produce a 30 day interim license key. Once payment has been verified in those 30 days, a permanent license key will then be issued.

International Resellers

IMA has a vast network of distributors and resellers around the world. It is encouraged that you use our existing resellers to purchase your software. If for any reason there is no reseller in your region, please contact us directly. You may use our online reseller information request form to inquire about resellers in your region.

IMA Resellers may now generate coupons and/or make purchases online using our Online Reseller Access page. You may notice that the index page does not require any login name and password when accessing these pages. Please note that login name and password are required at the end of the coupon generator or purchase form. If you don't know your login name and password, please contact our sales group.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please contact us at sales@ima.com

To investigate which products you would like to purchase, please visit our product central where all the product details can be found. Pricing for all IMA products can be found in our Retail Price List.

How To Contact IMA

Complete details regarding all the contact points within IMA can be found on our contacts page.