Internet Exchange Messaging Server

The Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) is a highly modular and scalable open architecture messaging system. It can be used from small single machine installations to fully distributed systems linking geographically distributed sites into a common set of logical domains. Its various components can be run on a single machine or in a distributed environment. Administrators can install IEMS on Windows 98 and ME (Anti-Virus Detached Machine), NT, 2000, and XP. For Linux administrators, IEMS can be installed on RedHat Linux 6.2 through 9.0; Mandrake 8.2 through 9.1; SCO Linux Server 4.0 (United Linux 1.0); RedFlag, and Cosix (CS&S).

A technical introduction and specifications to IEMS can be found here. In additional all IEMS Documentation is freely downloadable.

Total Spam Integration

Are you missing valuable messages due to over agressive spam filters? Still getting the spam mail while throwing away the good stuff? The reason is simple - most systems apply one or a few specific anti-spam measures in isolation hoping to solve the entire spam problem. There is no single "silver bullet" for solving spam. In fact, get a group of people together and chances are you won't even get them to all agree to what spam really is!

Two types of spam control exist within conventional systems today - system level checks performed by the backend mail servers responsible for storing and transmitting email, and user checks performed by the users mail client. If it is next to impossible for a group of people to come to a common definition as to what constitutes spam for them, what are the chances that a mail administator will be able to accomplish this through filtering policies on the backend for an entire organization? It is this problem that creates backend policies which do not work for most users.

Filters designed to be incorporated into the users mail client are almost always confined to performing some kind of content analysis on the message - AFTER it has been received and all knowledge of what machine on the other end sent it are lost.

Internet Exchange Messaging Server solves these problems by totally integrating spam detection, handling, and decision making across the entire messaging system - from connection controls through to the end user mail client. IEMS spam control measures include SMTP connection controls (site and Internet blacklisting), mail relay, MTA level content analysis, user mail sorting, and user directed Bayesian filtering. Site administrators are able to define site wide spam security policies, while deferring decisions on many of the spam detection methods to the end user, including SMTP connection controls.

This combination of SMTP controls, Content Filters, Bayesian Filters, DNS Blacklists, and the integrated extension of these controls to the end users allows for an extremely flexible protection system, designed to block the maximum number of problem messages with no collateral damage.

More Than Just The Best Spam Protection

IEMS is much more than just great spam protection. It is a complete email solution. Some of the many features include anti-virus scanning, attachment filtering at the MTA level, distribution list manager, batch SMTP, connector modules to legacy mail environments such as Lotus cc:Mail and Notes, and more. Messages can be retrieved from the IEMS Message Store using any standard POP3 or IMAP4 capable client (Outlook Express, Eudora, Evolution, etc), as well as the customizable IEMS Web Mail Client. The Web Mail client also supports private and public address books as well as online file storage through web folders. IEMS also supports Outlook compatible calendaring and scheduling, allowing for a natural migration path from Microsoft Exchange.

IEMS can also be easily extended using open API's provided by IMA. Third party developers can build custom applications, such as gateways, filter modules, archiving agents, mail clients and more. The Programmers Toolkit provides all the tools necessary. Programming environments supported include C/C++ and PHP.

Systems That Grow With You

IEMS is licensed in either Standard Enterprise Edition or Professional Enterprise Edition modes. Both editions are identical in terms of funcionality with the exception that the Professional Enterprise includes cc:Mail and Lotus Notes connectors and also has the ability to operate across distributed systems. Distributed operation allows for gradual and effortless expansion of capabilities as the processing needs of the organization grow. 75-User Standard Enterprise Edition licenses are provided free of charge to all sites that register with IMA. Standard Enterprise licenses can be upgraded at any time to Professional Enterprise Edition by only applying a new license certificate - no need to reinstall, making migration painless.

Test Drive IEMS 7 Now!

What are you waiting for? IMA provides a free public test environment you can log into now to get an immediate feel for the power and flexibility of IEMS. Better yet, download your own copy and test it on your server for free for 30 days.