Internet Exchange Messaging Server - Test Drive

IEMS Open Evaluation

IMA provides a public test server for the initial evaluation of IEMS by prospective customers. All features and functions including the administrative modues, distribution lists, message store, web mail client, and more are enabled. The cc:Mail and Lotus Notes connector modules are not enabled for this server, as remote access to a public Notes and/or cc:Mail network is not practical. To test these features, please download a copy of IEMS and obtain a evaluation license from IMA.

To protect against use as a launching pad for spammers, all SMTP, POP3, and IMAP connections to other machines are blocked. As a result, no mail can be sent from or to this machine from the Internet, however all local mail delivery can be tested using the web mail client. In addition, all SMTP related configuration options are accessible via the administrative modules.

Preparing For Your Test Drive

The test machine is named, and all user accounts and distribution lists are of the form The pre-defined account names and passwords are as follows:

    Name     Account / Address     Password
    Administrator     administrator     system
    Bart Simpson     bartsimpson
    Homer Simpson     homersimpson
    Marj Simpson     marjsimpson
    Charlie Brown     charliebrown

A single distribution list is pre-configured into this system:

Configuring and Testing IEMS

All IEMS modules with the exception of the Lotus cc:Mail and Notes connectors are present in the test environment. The system is fully configurable, however it is not possible to send or receive email to external machines to guard against spam abuse.

    Note: Even though it is possible to fully configure the testdrive machine, please be courteous to other testers and do not change or remove any predefinied accounts. Doing so will block any other users from accessing these accounts and testing the system. If you need to test account removal or password maintenance, please create a new account to do your testing against.

When you enter the testdrive machine, you will be presented with the standard IEMS startup page. This lets you select any of the main IEMS modules, such as the Administration Module, Web Mail Client, Distribution Lists, and others. Additional information on the use and configuration of the various IEMS modules can be found in the Internet Exchange Messaging Server Manual Set.

Scheduled Maintenance

To ensure that a stable and consistent evaluation environment is provided, the test drive system will be reset to a known state on a regular basis. Currently, the system is automatically shut down, reset, and then restarted every four (4) hours beginning a midnight GMT. At the time of shutdown, any web requests will be redirected back to the main IMA web server so that you know system maintenance has started. Under normal conditions, a reset of the system should take less than two (2) minutes to perform. Any changes or additions made to the system before the reset will be lost.

We Need Your Feedback

This online test and evaluation system is a new attempt by IMA to provide useful pre-sales information to our customers. Any suggestions, problems, or anything else you could tell us that would improve this or other aspects of our web resources would be very much appreciated. In particular we will be monitoring to see if configuration changes by some users causes the system to become unavailable (password / account modifications), and may adjust the reset frequency if necessary. If you experience difficulties in this regard, please let us know along with the time that the problem occured so that we can better tune the system. Feedback can be provided here.

Let's Get Started

Please take a minute to write down the above accounts, email addresses, and passwords, as you may need them to gain access to the various IEMS modules. In addition, you should be reasonably familiar with the IEMS documentation for any modules you wish to configure and test, although most do have basic online help available.

Have fun and it's time to proceed to the IEMS Test Drive.

To get a feeling for the power and capabilities of IEMS, simply connect to our public IEMS system to see how IEMS can best benefit your organization. No need to download and install to get a feel for the system. For a more thorough checkout, please download a fully functional copy of IEMS for evaluation on your network.

Customize Your Email Service With
IEMS Programmer Toolkits and Open APIs

IMA provides open interfaces for third party developers to build custom applications, such as gateways, filter modules, archiving agents, mail clients, and more. The Programmers Toolkit contains all the tools necessary. Programming environments supported include C/C++ and PHP.


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