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Gigabyte bundles IEMS5 in latest production servers

Hongkong, September 29, 2001 -- Server manufacturing giant Gigabyte Technology Ltd, also a key player in the global motherboard market, has finalized plans with software developer International Messaging Associates (IMA) to bundle IMA's latest Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) 5 with gigabyte's GA and GS series rackmount servers.

This was announced recently by Gigabyte's Director for Networking and Server Products Etay Lee. "The partnership will provide GS rackmount server users with the capability for a fully featured and functional messaging environment since IEMS 5 complements GS servers in speed, scalability, reliability, and performance.

Gigabyte produces close to 2,000 of its production servers monthly. This is aside from the servers they produce for other hardware OEMs such as Tatung, among others. Gigabyte carries both Linux and Windows as operating systems for their servers.

"Gigabyte is recognized for their server's compactness and high reliability which, in most ways, also complement the qualities of IEMS5 as a messaging solution", says IMA President Tim Kehres. Through this partnership, Kehres adds, we hope to widen the functionality of IEMS5 in response to the ever-expanding demands of businesses today.

The Internet Exchange Messaging Server version 5 (IEMS v5) is a complete, standalone, open architecture messaging solution and can be run as a distributed system, with different modules hosted on separate machines on the LAN. This allows for the simple and ordered expansion of the system as the organization grows, or messaging needs change over time. IEMS distributed system support, as well as extensive cross-platform support is unmatched in the industry.

IEMS5 complies with proven Internet standards while offering dependable mail storage, excellent migration support, directory services, advanced spam and virus detection and control, and interoperability among disparate email systems. It is supported under Windows 98, 2000, NT and major Linux distributions. It is easily scalable from configurations suitable to SOHO or SME environments up to large, distributed, corporate-size installations.

Meanwhile, Gigabyte's GS series are rackmount servers provide the best platform solutions for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), networking telecommunication, and space-constrained corporate data centers. Although each of these servers has its own unique features, all of which have been proven reliable, scalable, easy-to-administer, and cost-effective.




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