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Internet Exchange Messaging Server Enhanced Protection with SSL Support

Hong Kong, November 9, 2001 – As the market demand for software security continues to rise, messaging solutions pioneer, International Messaging Associates (IMA), announces the release of its latest product, the Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) 5.1. This messaging solution is designed to address the security and reliability needs of a wider range of customers through its Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support for IMAP and POP3.

The use of SSL in IMAP and POP3 assures users that all information is encrypted during transit, making it difficult for intruders to eavesdrop on the message content. This guarantees users with a more secure access for message store and protection for their password.

“By adding SSL support in IEMS 5.1, IMA has raised the bar for protecting e-mail against electronic sniffers or hackers who want to tamper or alter sensitive information while in transit,” says Tim Kehres, IMA president. “This has been IMA’s response to the rising demand of our growing number of clients who want to maintain email privacy and confidentiality.”

Protected communications in IEMS 5.1 relies on secret-key cryptography (SKC) for privacy and public-key cryptography (PKC) for key exchange and authentication. The PKC facilitates encryption and decryption, tamper detection and nonrepudiation.

Cryptography, which is widely used to preserve high degree of corporate privacy and security, also includes the use of a digital certificate. The latter proves the authenticity of a server’s certificate and public ID, which should have been issued by a certificate authority (CA) listed in the client’s list of trusted CAs.

SSL support is just one of the many features of IEMS 5.1 that address security issues. Other features include an attachment filter module that scans e-mail attachments for viruses, as well as its anti-spam and anti-virus engines, normally not available in most e-mail solutions. IEMS 5.1 further enhances its capabilities through its capacity to be run in a distributed environment, efficiently spreading computing resources across several networked machines. It can also run on Linux and Windows operating system.

For a limited time only until November 30, 2001, 2000 copies of 15 user licenses will be available to users for FREE. You may register for your free 15-user license at You may also visit our website at for more information. IEMS 5.1 can also be downloaded from the following sites:

* (Linux version)
* (Linux version)
* Windows version)|799|2000000035881



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