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IMA Shifts to 24 X 7 Support as IEMS 5 Official Release Nears

Hong Kong, May 29,2001. Everything seems to be going on high gear as messaging software developer International Messaging Associates (IMA) shifts to 24x7 support in anticipation of growing customer technical requirements brought about by the forthcoming official release of its Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS 5).

IEMS 5, now available as a public beta (build 18) is available for both the Linux and Windows operating systems. Since the launching of it first public beta in March, visits and downloads to its website has grown by 300 percent within the last two months while the number of beta participants has grown three-fold.

To a certain extent, the vacuum created by the developments in the back-end messaging software sector has also contributed to the interest being generated by IEMS 5. Lotus has previously announced withdrawal of further development and support for cc:Mail. This system has a user base of close to 17 million, according to IDG. Late last year, Hewlett Packard disclosed that it is also abandoning further development of its OpenMail messaging system. IEMS 5 hopes to give users of these orphaned systems an alternative messaging solution that will respond to their needs.

Though no major technical glitches are expected during release, IMA intends to complement its products with even better service. The provision of advanced messaging services to a sites end users continues to be a mission critical service, with assured up time being an absolute necessity. IEMS 5 sites are assured of not only the best messaging solution, but also that competent messaging specialists are just a toll free call away - on hand should unexpected problems occur at all times.

IMA technical support staff provide full time support for both pre- and post-sales customers. This assists new installations in rolling out some of IEMS 5s advanced features. An example is distributed processing support. Running different software components across several networked machines efficiently distributes computing capacity and resources resulting in a more flexible processing of required tasks. IEMS 5s Message Store provides a dedicated mail repository by which users can conveniently access their e-mail using any POP3 and/or IMAP4 capable clients such as Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus, Netscape among others. Users can also access their e-mail remotely using any web browser through IEMS 5s Web Mail Client. IEMS 5 can co-exist with proprietary messaging systems through its connectors. Other significant features include virus scanning, spam control, and distribution list management.

One year unlimited support comes standard with every new copy of IEMS 5. Additional information on IEMS 5 and IMA can be found on the IMA website at

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IMA Offers Worry-Free Migration to cc:Mail Users

Hong Kong, May 29, 2001. With the impending demise of Cc:Mail, most users have started to look seriously for a more suitable replacement for the soon-to-be-orphaned system. Software developer International Messaging Associates (IMA) offers a timely and relevant solution to this dilemma.

IEMS5's has migration tools that offer Cc:Mail users easy and trouble-free migration to an Internet-based environment -- the Cc:Mail Address Book and Mailbox converters. The Cc:Mail Address Book Converter translates Cc:Mail user addresses to a format supported by the IEMS5 LDAP-based directory server. Meanwhile, IEMS5's Cc:Mail Connectors convert Cc:Mail mailboxes into a format that can be recognized by IEMS 5's Message Store.

Through this process, system administrators can now conveniently enter the needed information while easily directing the steps of migration. A wide variety of information's including messages, attachments, folders, distribution lists, archives and bulletin boards, address books and directories can be migrated seamlessly. In addition, IEMS5's logging facilities allow system administrators to track which users have been moved to the new system, giving full control over the entire migration process.

With the migration to IEMS5's Message Store, users can conveniently access their mailboxes via POP3 and/o0r IMPA4-capable clients such as Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus, Netscape, among others. Their email can also be accessed remotely using any web browser via IEMS5's Web Mail Client. While in migration, Cc:Mail users are still given the convenience to continue the use of their own Cc:Mail client to send and receive Internet messages. This is made possible through the IEMS5 Cc:Mail Connectors. Thus, IEMS5 provides the users with ample time to migrate comfortably without disruption into their new system.

IEMS5's 24x7 technical support assures users continuous technical assistance through the migration process. Running on both Linux and Windows platforms, IEMS 5 also supports a distributed messaging environment. This feature allows each software module/component to be run on different machines. This efficiently distributes computing capacity and resources, resulting to faster and more flexible processing of required tasks. Other significant features include virus scanning, spam control, and distribution list management. All these, apparently, make IEMS5 the choice solution for Cc:Mail emigrants.

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Internet Exchange Messaging Server Now Available in Major Linux Distributions

Hong Kong, May 24, 2001. Messaging software developer, International Messaging Associates (IMA), strengthens its position among Linux users as it releases Beta 18 of its latest Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) 5 for public evaluation. The current enhancements include new operating system support for the six major Linux distributions: Red Hat, Suse, Mandrake, TurboLinux, VALinux, and Caldera.

"Interoperability in all distributions is a must if we are to successfully expand our geographical reach among Linux users," Senior Marketing Manager Gigi Resurreccion said. By supporting the most popular Linux distributions, IMA aims to dramatically expand its marketing thrust for IEMS5. "Few major messaging servers could match the extensive features of IEMS5. Its anti-spam engine and anti-virus module makes IEMS5 ideal for mission critical applications, while it's ability to be operated in a distributed environment provide added scalability and performance" Resurreccion added.

IEMS 5 focuses on providing a system that anticipates the varying needs of end users and system administrators alike. Through the use of advanced storage management, multiple and flexible access methods, user-defined pre-sorting and filtering, high performance message transport system, and a robust distribution list engine, IEMS 5 addresses the messaging requirements of most corporate users.

The IEMS Beta Program is open to all interested sites. Complete product and beta information including free downloads can be found on the IMA web site. The beta program is expected to run through mid-June, 2001.

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IMA Announces Special Pre-Release Pricing of IEMS 5

Hong Kong, May 10, 2001. International Messaging Associates (IMA) has announced special pre-release pricing for it's flagship product, the Internet Exchange Messaging Server Version 5. IEMS 5 is currently in beta test by customers worldwide, with most reviewers expressing their pleasure in working with the product.

During the remaining beta phase of IEMS 5, reviewers can take advantage of the special price of $695, a discount of over 30% off the list price. This price includes for one year unlimited technical support, and all version 5 upgrades. For more information on IMA and IEMS, please see the IMA web site at

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Internet Exchange Messaging Server 5 Enhances Email Security

Hong Kong, May 5, 2001. The existence of computer viruses, unsolicited email messages with offensive content force most organizations to look for secure messaging systems that provide solutions to these problems.

The Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) 5 developed by International Messaging Associates (IMA) is designed to perform virus scanning, spam control, disclaimer generation, among others.

Virus Scanning
Once the anti-virus module receives a message, it decodes the message attachment and invokes a third-party anti-virus program chosen and defined by the administrator. It creates multiple threads for fast and reliable virus scanning while decoding and performing simultaneous virus scanning on MIME and non-MIME attachments. The Preprocessor anti-virus module supports the following anti-virus software: McAfee VirusScan, F-PROT Anti-Virus, SOPHOS Sweep for Linux and SOPHOS Anti-Virus for Windows.

Spam Protection
Spam Protection The anti-spam module is designed to protect the entire messaging system against unsolicited junk e-mail. This module enables the system administrator to create a list of banned or unwelcome IP address(es) using a configurable GUI (Graphical User Interface). It can also verify the corresponding name of an IP address during the initial stage of an SMTP session via reverse DNS lookup, filtering out forged names and eventually blocking out potential spammers even before they can enter the system. It also supports RBL (Real-Time Blackhole List) type databases for optimum anti-spam protection. Once a message has been detected carrying a virus or tagged as spam, the anti-virus and the anti-spam module will either bounce the mail, archive the mail to a pre-defined quarantine location/folder or delete the mail, depending on the configuration of the system administrator.

Auto Text Insertion
The Auto Text Insertion Engine provides the system administrator with the capability to insert disclaimer into messages that pass through the IEMS 5. Using this feature, messages created by users will automatically include an administrator-defined disclaimer, which state the confidentiality of the message to limit the liability of the company that maintains the mail system where the message originated. The system administrator can add different disclaimer messages based on the message source channel. The engine allows the system administrator to insert plain text and/or HTML content. It also supports non-MIME and MIME message structure types.

With IEMS 5, the system is protected against email viruses and spam mail. Its Auto Text Insertion Engine allows the system administrator to insert disclaimer into messages that pass through the IEMS 5.

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