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With our vision to provide you with the best Internet solutions, IMA partners with industry-leading Service Providers delivering optimal performance and mobility. Aimed at home-users and small organizations, IMA and service provider partners help organizations increase their Internet productivity and manage computing resources effectively.


Tzolkin Corporation
11 Main Street
Pepperell, MA, USA 01463
Tel (877) 433-6865

the reliable dynamic DNS service


About TZO

Located just outside Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Tzolkin Corporation, through the TZO.COM product line, provides software tools and services that help small businesses, associations, and individuals increase the value of their Internet connections.

The TZO services offer small-businesses the opportunity to use their Internet connections as effectively as do large corporations. With TZO.COM dynamic DNS, small businesses, associations, and individuals can reduce the cost of hosting a web site, email server, FTP site and more without sacrificing performance.

Other services such as web and email forwarding allows businesses which are assigned long URLs to have short email addresses and URLs that prominently feature the name of the business. A short email address and short URL is easier to remember and makes a more professional impact. An unique service, DNS Forwarding, allows TZO subscribers to resolve their own DNS inquiries. Other services allow TZO users to get more value from their on-line connection.

For additional information on TZO, please visit their website at Additional information on Dynamic DNS and Internet Exchange can be found in the Internet Exchange Messaging Server - Dynamic DNS FAQ.



Press Releases

International Messaging Associates Partners with Dynamic DNS Providers



CanWeb Internet Services Ltd.
Suite 204, 265 Front St. N
Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 7X1, Canada

Tel 1-877-422-6932

About CanWeb

CanWeb Internet Services Ltd. is a provider of leading edge Internet tools, helping organizations use the web as part of a comprehensive customer care and electronic commerce strategy. CanWeb has established itself on the basis of excellent service and award winning technology.

This privately held, federal corporation was formed in February 1995. CanWeb’s team consists of a unique blend of software developers, technologists, and marketing professionals who value innovation, creativity, integrity and fun!

CanWeb was the first to offer a commercial dynamic DNS service in 1996. Since then they have been providing customers with greater than 99.9% reliability.

When they created the service they set out to make it the most reliable DNS service available. Today, they provide service and support to customers in over 65 countries.

For additional information about DynIP and downloading of their free 30 day DynIP Client trial, please visit their website at Additional information on Dynamic DNS and Internet Exchange can be found in the Internet Exchange Messaging Server - Dynamic DNS FAQ.

Technical Knowledgebase

The following links will guide you through in setting up different levels of DynIP using Internet Exchange Messaging Server 5.

DynIP Basic and Internet Exchange Messaging Server 5.0
DynIP Pro Domains and Internet Exchange Messaging Server 5.0
DynIP Multiple and Internet Exchange Messaging Server 5.0

Press Releases

IMA Partners with DynIP, July 25, 2001

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