Internet Exchange Affiliate Programs

The Internet Exchange Affiliate Programs are founded on the principle that representatives are an integral part of the sales and product deployment process. Forming close alliances with Resellers and Integrators is a significant component of the IMA sales strategy.

IMA Affiliates from the Standard Reseller level to the System Integrator level reflect the professionalism, integrity, and finally the value of IMA products in the marketplace. We are working to broaden and build our affiliates own market around IMA products and technologies.


Gain access to our expertise so you can focus on your core business and better serve your customers.


As a software development company for more than a decade now serving small, medium-sized and corporate business, International Messaging Associates has the expertise our partners demand. We understand that solid customer relationships are crucial to business success. Our stable, scalable, and robust messaging solutions enable our Reseller/System Integrator to meet the needs of their customer today and in the future. The following benefits of the reseller/system integrator:

  • Retain customer Relationship - You set your own quota, bill your clients and we can provide customer and technical support on our end. However, when the demand increases, resellers can support their customers with the strictest standards that IMA can only give
  • Wholesale Pricing - significant discount schemes for all volume levels
  • 24/7 Priority Reseller/SI support - the IMA technical support group is always available to assist its clients assuring reliable and accurate support
  • Sales and Marketing Resources - IMA understands that a credible, high-profile image is a key factor in sustaining leadership in the marketplace, and we are here to help you do exactly that. Our Partner Community contains a variety of marketing resources and product collateral that can be branded with your company look and feel

Becoming and IMA Affiliate has never been easier!

  • To qualify as a Standard Reseller or System Integrator of IMA requires a purchase of only one (1) Professional Enterprise Edition of IEMS
  • Standard Resellers are responsible for all pre-sales support
  • System Integrators are responsible for installation as well as pre- and post-sales support

For Additional information, please contact your nearest IMA representative


To get a feeling for the power and capabilities of IEMS, simply connect to our public IEMS system to see how IEMS can best benefit your organization. No need to download and install to get a feel for the system. For a more thorough checkout, please download a fully functional copy of IEMS for evaluation on your network.

Customize Your Email Service With
IEMS Programmer Toolkits and Open APIs

IMA provides open interfaces for third party developers to build custom applications, such as gateways, filter modules, archiving agents, mail clients, and more. The Programmers Toolkit contains all the tools necessary. Programming environments supported include C/C++ and PHP.


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