Internet Exchange for Lotus Notes: Technical Product Information

Internet Exchange for Lotus Notes R4 is the most advanced SMTP MTA-gateway available. With an easy to use graphical user interface, it offers superior flexibility in management and control, as well as effortless administration. Internet Exchange offers you:

  • Simple Installation Setup
  • Dial up support for Windows 95 and Windows NT
  • Gateway will function on a Notes Workstation
  • Single Gateway/MTA support on multiple notes domains
  • Windows based graphical user interface
  • Easy administration
  • Configuration at runtime
  • User friendly message screen displaying mail queue status
  • Anti-Spam Subsystem
  • Mailing List Functionality
  • Web Based Remote Administration
  • Simultaneous message encoding/decoding

The general mail handling capabilities of Internet Exchange are also extremely powerful with features such as:

  • Simple text message support (RFC-822)
  • MIME (RFC-1521) attachments
  • Administrator configurable encoding methods
  • Peer-based encoding
  • Reject unauthorized mail senders
  • Outbound MAC file attachments
  • MAC MIME (RFC 1740) support
  • Outbound Binhex encoding
  • Inbound Binhex decoding
  • Inbound MAC MIME support
  • Encapulsation of outbound Native Notes Database format
  • Notes Mail forms to Ascii form mapping
  • Reusage of inbound encapsulated databases
  • Character sets (US-ASCII, ISO-8859-1..9) support

Internet Exchange takes into consideration notes specific functions and has these added features to support them such as:

  • Table based User <-> Internet Address Mapping
  • Table based Hierarchical certifiers (location) <-> Internet (sub)domain mapping
  • Default (simple rules based) address mapping
  • Notes domain routing info inclusion
  • Notes user name inclusion in address header

Not only does the Internet Exchange have wide support for Internet message formats, it also includes its own SMTP Message Transfer Agent (MTA) enabling it to send email without an expensive mail relay host (usually a unix machine). Additionally the SMTP module also supports:

  • RFC 974, 1034, 1035 support
  • Multiple inbound sessions
  • Multiple outbound sessions
  • DNS Host resolution using mail relay, dns or host table
  • A combination of mail relay, dns and host table
  • Reject inbound mail from pre-defined Internet hosts/domains
  • Delay notification support
  • Secondary Mail relay host

IMA is currently offering Internet Exchange for Lotus Notes in final release. Please see the Notes Download area for information on how to obtain this free evaluation.


To get a feeling for the power and capabilities of IEMS, simply connect to our public IEMS system to see how IEMS can best benefit your organization. No need to download and install to get a feel for the system. For a more thorough checkout, please download a fully functional copy of IEMS for evaluation on your network.

Customize Your Email Service With
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