Internet Exchange for cc:Mail Version 2.12 Update Download

Internet Exchange Upgrade to Version 2.12
The final Version 2 update release was 2.12. You may apply this update only to previously licensed editions of Internet Exchange versions 1.04x, 2.0x, 2.1, and 2.11 (Enterprise or Workgroup edition). This upgrade is free for all 1.x and 2.x customers.

If you wish to download an evaluation copy of the latest release, please go to the evaluation centre. If you currently have an evaluation copy it will not work if you apply this update, you must install a new evaluation version on top of it.

The uncompressed file is approximately 1.3 Megabytes in size. The retrieved file is a self extracting zip file which contains the update release. Simply extract the files into an empty directory and follow the instructions found in the README.TXT file.

The Version 2.12 Update can be obtained either via return email or via FTP.

Request Update By Return Email

To receive the evaluation software by email do the following:

  1. Enter your email address in the space below. The software (approx. 1.3MB) will be emailed to this address.

  2. Select the format you want to receive, BASE 64 or UUENCODE.
  3. Press the SUBMIT button.

Email Address:
Base64-encoded Enterprise Edition
Base64-encoded Workgroup Edition
Uuencoded Enterprise Edition
Uuencoded Workgroup Edition

Immediate Update Download
To receive the evaluation software by ftp, select one of the following sites:

Hong Kong - Main Site
Philippines - Mirror Site
Europe (EMD) - Mirror Site

To get a feeling for the power and capabilities of IEMS, simply connect to our public IEMS system to see how IEMS can best benefit your organization. No need to download and install to get a feel for the system. For a more thorough checkout, please download a fully functional copy of IEMS for evaluation on your network.

Customize Your Email Service With
IEMS Programmer Toolkits and Open APIs

IMA provides open interfaces for third party developers to build custom applications, such as gateways, filter modules, archiving agents, mail clients, and more. The Programmers Toolkit contains all the tools necessary. Programming environments supported include C/C++ and PHP.


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