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International Messaging Associates

International Messaging Associates (IMA) is a software development company founded in 1992 to respond to the increasing need for global corporate email communication. The use of electronic mail within corporations was growing at a tremendous pace, and corporate requirements were rapidly increasing for robust and reliable email communication with remote offices, partners, customers, and vendors.

IMA has established its reputation in the email industry as the leading software developer that produces some of the best Internet Messaging products for cc:Mail and Lotus Notes. The trend of moving out of proprietary messaging solutions and the sudden change in the operating server direction prompted IMA to develop an industrial-strength messaging server for the global enterprise and workgroup.

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Corporate Mission and History

IMA is dedicated to producing the best tools available for integrating corporate electronic mail environments with the Internet. Our mission is to provide tools with the greatest benefits available to our customers. We pride ourselves on producing "industrial strength" software that allows our customers be confident in the IMA enabled parts of their network.

As an IMA customer, you can feel confident in your purchase of IMA products; you know that you have the best available software product for your environment, at the best value for your money.

IMA has a proven track record as a leading edge software developer. When it first released its Internet Exchange for cc:Mail, it was the best gateway there was. With the 1997 release of Internet Exchange 2.1 it again produced a gateway for cc:Mail that is unrivaled in quality and capability.

A Recipe For Success

In addition to bringing to the market a powerful tool critical to business environments today, many factors contribute to IMA’s success: An outstanding development team Highly responsive technical support staff Dedicated internal and external beta testers during development phases Ongoing user suggestions for product enhancements Excellent response and support given together with our resellers

How to Contact IMA

A complete list of IMA contact point can be found on our contacts page.


To get a feeling for the power and capabilities of IEMS, simply connect to our public IEMS system to see how IEMS can best benefit your organization. No need to download and install to get a feel for the system. For a more thorough checkout, please download a fully functional copy of IEMS for evaluation on your network.

Customize Your Email Service With
IEMS Programmer Toolkits and Open APIs

IMA provides open interfaces for third party developers to build custom applications, such as gateways, filter modules, archiving agents, mail clients, and more. The Programmers Toolkit contains all the tools necessary. Programming environments supported include C/C++ and PHP.


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